5 star cattery- Melbourne

Cats 'R' Us is Melbourne's leading 5 star cattery offering luxury accommodation for cats. If you want your pet to enjoy some good times in a delightful and serene environment, visit us soon. We have superb suites with many windows and adjoining gardens with water fountains as well as lovely ferneries for all our feline guests. They can laze about in the courtyards and enjoy the sun or relax in their climate-controlled rooms. We also play soothing music to add to the calming ambiance reigning in the cattery.

Our staff members are fully trained and have many years of experience in taking care of cats. We offer personalised attention and services to each guest to ensure that they are all comfortable and well provided for. 

Email us at- cats@catsrus.com.au  or  visit our Facebook page at Cats R Us.

Cats 'R' Us is situated on 2 acres of beautiful and secure gardens. You can rest assured that your furry family member will be fully safe and contented with us. We also have a gift shop on location in case you want to pamper and please your precious pet.

We have been operating for many years and Cats 'R' Us can boast of a history of excellence in the business. The 5 star resort is the proud winner of many awards, such as Melbourne South-East Business Awards. 

  • Home Based Business Award 2011

Australian Home Based Business Awards

  • Personal Services Award 2010

Cardinia Business Awards

  • Home Based Business Award 2010
  • Environmental Sustainability Award 2010
  • Access for All Award 2010
  • Home Based Business Award 2005

Australian Achievers Awards

  • 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2008

Australian Business Awards

  • 1999

All these vouch for our high standard services and success in the field. Feel free to visit us to check out the space and meet our team, we will be glad to have you.